High Country Elegance

Jackson, WY

5,400 sq ft


24 months


5,400 ft

High Country Elegance

A breathtaking blend of clean, contemporary lines and rugged, natural materials come together to create a project that truly lives up to its name—High Country Elegance.

Nestled beneath the majestic Grand Tetons, the unique cabin retreat consists of various spaces including the main house, a cozy den connected by an enclosed glass walkway, guest quarters, custom water feature, and more.

Behind the Details

High Country Elegance

The High Country Elegance project mirrors the surrounding mountain landscape with reclaimed wood and stone veneer. Different from your traditional cabin, the home features a more open layout with high, vaulted ceilings and expansive windows that allow natural light to filter through and provide stunning views from any angle. A short, glass walkway opens to spectacular sights of the Tetons and connects the main quarters to the den. The space features an elaborate bar, cigar-smoking accouterments, and a grandiose lounge area complete with its own fireplace.

High Country Elegance
Protecting Nature


Outside, a custom water feature created by Verdone Landscape Architects offers a soothing background with trickling runoffs cascading into a manmade pond. The home and its surroundings are jaw dropping year-round—abundant greenery and wildflowers in the summer, and frosty, snow-capped views throughout the winter months.

The combination of reclaimed materials, hand-forged metal, and authentic furnishings come together to create a truly outstanding project. High Country Elegance is a refined mountain retreat with an intentional antiquity that suits the surrounding natural beauty of Jackson, Wyoming. Big-D Signature’s master craftsmen, JLF’s expert architects, and many others worked in tandem to develop the stunning High Country Elegance project featured in Big Sky Journal. Find the full article here: https://bigskyjournal.com/balancing-act/.

Behind the Details

Edge of Rustic

On the edge of rustic, this Wyoming home folds in the elegance of clean, contemporary lines with antique materials. Unlike the traditional cabin, it features an open floor plan and windows that allow daylight to flood the living spaces. Rather than building separate from the environment, JLF centers its architectural design on connecting the landscape from the outside in. Expansive windows capture views, natural materials echo with a sense of place so that the house wraps organically into its location. Water features further magnify the surrounding wildland, sky, and mountains.