Hidden Lake House

Santa Fe, TN

3,400 sq ft


36 months


4,500 ft

Regional Office

Big-D Signature

The Hidden Lake House is the perfect escape from everyday life.

Secluded by nature in the heart of Tennessee, the home consists of four distinct living areas connected by a footbridge; including one space built on part of the neighboring lake. The house is complete with private access to the lake, an outdoor seating area, fire pit, and an onsite swimming pool.

Behind the Details

Building in a Lakebed

Homeowners wanted a unique feature as part of the property, so part of the Hidden Lake House extends onto the adjacent lake. Portions of the project were built in the neighboring lake. Local and state regulations didn’t allow construction of a cofferdam, so the sturdy stone columns were built as separate panels on the shore and then attached to steel piles driven into the lakebed. A complex project, indeed, Big-D Signature partnered with JLF Architects to make the homeowners’ vision a reality.

Protecting Nature


Responding to the lakeside site, the building unfolds in four segments connected by footbridges. Pitched roofs of Corten steel hover above walls clad in stacked limestone and reclaimed timber. A Tennessean sanctuary of space and light, as serene as a pagoda, as homey as a ranch.


JLF & Associates

“This house is a serene and homey retreat. The building, with pitched roofs of Corten steel and clad in stacked limestone and reclaimed siding and timber, consists of four segments, or living areas, each connected by a footbridge.”