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The Creamery

Sitting in a meadow of native grass and sheltered in the shadows of the Grand Tetons is The Creamery house. The home sits on a former ranch that is nestled along the waters of the Snake River. The home is framed with large windows that provide panoramic views of the Wyoming countryside. The story of the house actually begins in Montana and the construction of a limestone creamery. That exact creamery is connected a second building with a glass-and-steel connector. The second building was constructed with reclaimed timber and logs. The home features a kitchen, guest rooms, a sitting area and dinning space.


10,000 square feet


Jackson, Wyoming


33 months

Stone-by-Stone Construction

The original structure for The Creamery was actually built in Great Falls, Montana by a group of Scottish immigrants in the nineteenth-century. The immigrants used the structure as a creamery (hence the name). The current homeowner purchased the building and contracted Big-D Signature and JLF Architects to orchestrate the relocation of the building to Jackson, Wyoming. Construction crews had to remove the structure stone-by-stone before moving the structure to Wyoming. With the exception of a few modifications, the building maintained its original layout.

The house and the process to construct it was featured in a 2017 edition of Cowgirl Magazine. You can read more here.


"We wanted to show restraint and really distill what is the West. There are things that can tell you about its history and yet evoke a sense of timelessness." - Paul Bertelli, JLF & Associates

Connected to Nature

The homeowners of The Creamery wanted a place where they could feel a connection to nature. To help enhance the rustic, yet tranquil narrative of The Creamery, a landscape architect installed native plantings and rehabilitated existing wetlands. The architect also added ponds and waterways near the house.