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Fishcreek Woods

At a quick glance, you may think this house was the inspiration for the book "A River Runs Through It". Nestled in the heart of Teton County, Wyoming, Fishcreek Woods will bring you back to about the time when Norman Maclean’s book was first published. The original home was demolished and through the rubble rose this beautiful 5,500 square foot house that features custom cabinets, timber and stone features, and even an elevator. Also on the property is a small, yet comfortable guest house. The heart of the home is arguably the dining room. The dining room features Nanawall windows that fully retract and open up to spectacular views. More noticeable is the water feature that will make guests feel like they are eating dinner on a gentle river complete with the ambient sounds of nature.


5,588 square feet


Wilson, Wyoming


17 months

Sustainable Materials

When the initial home was demolished, construction crews salvaged much of the materials to reuse on the new home. The materials were used on the walkways, decks, and walls of Fishcreek Woods. This sustainable design helped Signature crews and the homeowners save money on materials.


"The house and the landscape design take advantage of the unusual and violent geological conditions of the past and at the same time, the landscape protects the house from future catastrophic events." -Paul Bertelli, JLF & Associates

Geological Wonders

Fishcreek Woods is located in the community of Wilson, Wyoming. The community straddles the Grand Tetons. The Teton Range was formed millions of years ago as a result of the Teton Fault. The Teton Fault extends 40 miles along the base of the Teton Range. About two million years ago, glaciers flowed down from the mountains, carving canyons and valley lakes. Needless to say, Fishcreek Woods is surrounded by geological wonders.