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Park City Mountain Resort Ski Maintenance Facility

The Park City Mountain Resort Ski Maintenance Facility provides immediate equipment support during both the winter and summer seasons. The facility includes a fuel depot, food commissary, and storage space for snowcats, snowmobiles, and operations equipment.


19,000 Square Feet


Park City, Utah


9 Months

From Silver to a Goldmine of Snow

Park City’s abundant silver deposits attracted people from across the country in the late 1860s, but it wasn’t until 1884 that the area was officially incorporated as a city. With falling mineral prices in the 1930s, the focus shifted from silver to snow. In 2002, Park City Mountain Resort hosted four events for the Winter Olympics.

In 2015, the Park City Resort merged with neighboring Canyons Resort to become Park City Mountain Resort, creating one of the largest ski and snowboard resorts in the United States. During the summer, the resort welcomes hikers and mountain bikers from around the world.

Protection From Snow and Ice

The building is protected from Utah’s snowy winter months with exterior metal panels and a membrane roof. Freezers and coolers were installed inside the maintenance facility, along with roll-up doors and office space for employees.