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Meadow Springs

Influenced by the property’s expansive pond, the design of the Meadow Springs home incorporates two opposing curved structures. The shape of the home uniquely enhances the essence of living on the banks of the Snake River and in the shadow of the Tetons by connecting the lake to the main property. An extended dock and suspended outdoor room allow residents to privately take in the breathtaking Wyoming views. The home exemplifies natural beauty with antique accents, reclaimed wood and stone features, and regional building materials—all magnified by the surrounding wetlands, open country, and magnificent mountains.




Jackson, Wyoming


36 Months

Focus on Sustainability

The Jackson, WY area is very much protected by stringent environmental codes in order to sustain the natural beauty for years to come. As a result, this house uses no fossil fuel energy, and crews worked delicately to avoid disturbing the property’s natural water features and wildlife habitat. Additionally, extensive restoration of ancient riparian features and wetlands were implemented by Verdone Landscape Architects.

An Indoor Backyard

Outdoor lifestyle and recreation define the home’s easy flow from indoors to out. A glass corridor linking the master suite to other areas of the home offers an additional connection to nature. Thoughtful landscape design naturally enhances Meadow Springs’ ancient aspen grove on the edge of the pond.