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Linn Ranch

At the end of a dusty dirt road and in the shadows of the Grand Tetons, sits this majestic 10,000 square foot home. Hidden by nature, Linn Ranch is an example of medieval inspired craftsmanship. The home is enclosed with reclaimed stone from Montana, reclaimed timber trusses, as well as reclaimed timber posts and beams. Beautiful and rare reclaimed chestnut floors, cabinets and doors help give you a sense that you are walking down the halls of a 15th century castle. The house itself sits in the middle of a pond, complete with a wooden walkway to the front door. Retractable Italian windows allow natural light and a cool Wyoming breeze to flow effortlessly throughout the rooms. Neighbors to this castle are often native wildlife to the area.


10,736 sq ft


Jackson, Wyoming


30 months

From Wastelands to Wetlands

Linn Ranch was built on a site once ravaged and forgotten by time. It was a gravel pit, a saw mill, and a junk yard – an eye sore if you will. However, the homeowner saw extraordinary potential in what was arguably a wasteland. Wetlands and ponds were all reconstructed from the lost tributaries and springs of the Snake River. These wetlands and ponds have since become a thriving ecosystem for native species to Wyoming.

"This elegant enfilade parti affords every room a spectacular view of the Grand Tetons. Contemporary wall and cabinet finishes are a bright contrast to the traditional stone and reclaimed timbers that anchor the house to the earth." - Paul Bertelli, JLF & Associates

Artificial Dam

Building a home in a pond isn’t as easy as simply pouring the foundation. Big-D Signature crews had to construct an artificial dam in the middle of the pond in order to construct the foundation and main level to the home. Once construction was complete, crews had to strategically remove the dam piece by piece to ensure that water didn’t initially flood the home. “It was one of the most stressful moments during the project,” said Signature Group Vice President Jason Dunlop.