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Indian Springs

This house combines traditional rustic elements with a romantic 18th century design. The glass staircase, leading to the upper and lower levels, has steel and reclaimed timber supports. Glass tile and metal trimmed cabinets in the kitchen pop in contrast with the scissor timber trusses exposed in the ceiling. Mountain views are enhanced with strategically used aluminum window walls. Those visiting the Indian Springs can soak in the breath taking views while relaxing on the built-in stone patio and fire pit.


6,625 sq ft


Jackson, Wyoming


21 months

A Road Less Traveled

Indian Springs is located off the beaten path near Jackson, Wyoming. Before Big-D Signature crews could even begin construction, a road had to be built from the main access road to the project site.

"The design contrasts an antique stone envelope with contemporary interiors. Glass star, glass partitions, and glass tile contrast the romance and rusticity of the 18th century stone envelope." -Paul Bertelli, JLF & Associates

A Gateway to the Outdoors

The property is also a gateway to Wyoming’s enormous backyard. From fly-fishing in the summers to skiing and snowboarding in the winters, the home is the perfect base camp for a young, active family. The property is also located in the shadows of the Grand Teton National Park.