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Crescent H Cabin

Though the Crescent H Cabin is only 10 miles outside Jackson, WY, the serene landscape makes it seem lightyears away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Situated between trees, creeks, and ponds; life is just simpler when you’re at the cabin.

This project began with the construction of a rustic guesthouse and barn, followed by a unique outdoor room offering incredible views of the Grand Tetons. The outdoor room’s native grass roof and walls made of integrated boulder and stone allow it to blend naturally into its environment. This special expansion also includes a fireplace, pergola, dock, and outdoor shower.


4,000 square feet


Jackson, Wyoming


18 months

Simple Living

The cabin itself, a barn, and a garage currently sit on the property, but Crescent H homeowners wanted to take their time designing the perfect dream home. However, after they experienced the nostalgic feel of the property as-is, the owners have decided to delay further expansion. The simplicity of their own “little cabin in the woods” has won them over for the time being.

The outdoor room seemingly grows out of the earth at the edge of an expanded groundwater pond.

Crescent H Ranch

The Crescent H Cabin property is part of the historic Crescent H Ranch, which dates back almost 100 years! The Gerald Brown family purchased some property along the west bank of the Snake River back in the 1920s. The family built and operated the Crescent Lazy H Dude Ranch—a place where visitors could enjoy all the simplicities a cattle ranch has to offer. Back then the ranch offered fishing, horseback riding, and other outdoor activities. Today, homeowners can purchase private lots on the ranch to build their dream homes. Residents also have private access to an abundance of spring creek fishing.