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Flat Creek Business Center

As the first pre-cast building in the town of Jackson, this project once again established Big-D Signature as a frontrunner in construction technology. Because of the exclusive construction methods involved, the project was also watched closely by city officials.

In adherence to the owner’s vision of creating an upscale rental area for small businesses; Flat Creek Business Center was developed on 5.1 acres of land, with six buildings comprising 80,000 square feet of rentable space. The one and two-story buildings were laid out on the site in pairs; each mirroring the other.


80,000 sq ft.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming


8 Months

The unique look of these structures was achieved through a combination of smooth and slate texturing, and an acid stain was also applied to create the sophisticated “marbled” finishes. The windows, manufactured by Pozzi, comprise a distinctive wood-wrapped metal, over which an architectural steel canopy was installed.

Each first floor suite includes a 10’ x 12’ garage door. Local ordinances also required that the buildings include at least two affordable apartments (each of which includes 1,200 square feet of space).

The extensive landscaping covers 50,000 square feet and features an elaborate collection of pine trees, aspens and grass. (The city required the vegetation to have a minimum value of $100,000).  Big-D also hired a local metal designer/fabricator to custom-build site and pathway lighting for the entire project.