22 Mar

JLF Design Build Unveils New Website, Logo

By: Big-D Signature

In the late-90s, Big-D Construction was (and still remains) one of the leaders in the commercial industry in Utah. Around this time, Big-D’s President, Jack Livingood, began researching the high-end residential market. He had built a relationship with an architectural firm out of Montana called JLF & Associates. The firm was hired to design Jack’s home in Wyoming.

When Signature was founded in 2001, the relationship with JLF & Associates strengthened. The two firms would join under the umbrella JLF Design Build. Together, JLF & Associates and Big-D Signature have constructed several exceptional homes in across the United States. The two firms designed and constructed a new and innovated headquarters for Simms Fishing Products. In 2016, a JLF Design Build project was awarded Home of the Year by Mountain Living Magazine. The two firms also collaborated on a book, The Work of Art. The book is available for purchase.

JLF Design Build is now continuing its momentum in the marketplace with the unveiling of a new website and logo. The website showcases the core of the 17-year working relationship of the two firms. “Our intention with this new website is to explain our Design-Build process,” says Jason Dunlop, Vice President of JLF Design Build. “We wanted to highlight the relationship of trust that our two companies have built over two decades and emphasize the benefits for clients with our approach.”

The new logo highlights the overarching process and mission of JLF Design Build: Passion to Design. Integrity to Build. Freedom to Dream. “While we all know the process is very detailed, and at times, can be cumbersome, each time a client, or potential client, sees this logo, our process is explained to them through those nine words,” said Dunlop.

JLF Design Build has offices in Bozeman, Montana; Jackson, Wyoming; and Park City, Utah. For more information on JLF Design Build, visit You can also connect with JLF Design Build on Facebook.

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